L&J Tool and Engineering Works Tool and Die Design and Manufacturing


All tool and die manufacturing is designed to a tool design specification to standardize all tools which speeds up tool change-over for production. Tooling designs are done on CAD(CATIA) which is stored in our CAD department.


Tooling manufacture is carried out in conjunction with the customer. A CATIA design programme is used to design the tooling to suit the best possible process. The Manufacture process will only start when the design is approved by our customer.

  • Our tools are built with durability to withstand the high volumes expected.
  • Routine maintenance is carried out to minimize the risk of breakdowns.
  • Top grade materials are used to guarantee and achieve exceptional results.

Critical spares are manufactured to minimize tool and production downtime.

L&J Tool and Engineering Works is a Tier 1 Auto Parts Supplier to the Automotive Industry

Tier 1 Auto Parts Supplier to the Automotive Industry

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